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1000 points!!!! #News #Article

Thanks you guys for liking, commenting, and following my posts. This is a huge number and I am grateful that you guys enjoy my content. Thank you so much for being a great community. And remember you can help make the posts by commenting and telling me do what I should do next. Thank you once again!


The Best Amazon Prime Support Services #News #Article

Assistance for All is an apex Amazon Prime Support services provider company in the USA. We are catering in the niche from past several years.

This popular video streaming services also offers music streaming facility to its users along with various features. Sometimes users face the problem while using these services.

For that, we are here with our excellent Amazon Prime customer support services which you can get by call on.

It is a toll-free number and one can get the finest support directly from the expert with the best solution to your query.


time to pick a meme topic. #News #Article

Alright i am at 100 rep so now I am taking meme suggestions, i can only pick one if you comment a suggestion. I will only take them with in 48 hours of the first suggestion.


My goals #News #Article

If I get 100 reputation so I can verify I will make a meme of your choice.  comment what you want to be the meme and I might make it.


A quick message to @greenSmiley #News #Article

Hey there @greenSmiley

I see you have been hating and thinking that our company is fake. While that video of our first os was stolen, we got permission from the owner, advin, and he said he would help design a very simular os to that.

Sketchy may be so, but we are 100 percent real.

I came up with a passion when I was 7 to start a company. I loved tech and knew how to code very little. over time I became more advanced and made Sam's Bots, a mission to create bots for social media, discord, and more. Over …

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