Firstly, before I start this post, I want to deeply apologize to all of you for the terrible quality of the site currently. I am so, so sorry. During the last few months, a lot of people have found new bugs, wanted new features, and wanted things fixed.

And I have done/fixed almost none of that. During the last few months, I have been very busy, and have not been able to update and fix social rumbles. On top of this, I have been giving unreasonable times to when I would fix them.

For this, I deeply apologize. It's very hard running and creating a social media site, especially for one person and for someone who's a child.

This site has been very stressful for me; whenever I see another post showing another bug or asking for a feature, I always get so stressed to add the feature because I don't want to disappoint people. And then when I can't, people create more posts asking when and then they ask for more features and it stresses me out. I'm so, so stressed from this site, and I'm honestly considering shutting it off till I fix it enough, if this feeling continues.

Going Forward

Currently I am in India, thus there is probably going to be no reasonable way I will be able to update/use social rumbles from here.

However, I will be back on 8/25. During this week before school starts, I will be spending a lot of time updating social rumbles and adding features you have requested. During the week between 8/25 and 9/6, I promise I will add a lot of features and fix a lot of things, although chat will have to be fixed at a later time.

If you have any features you would like me to fix during this 8/25 to 9/6 week, please tell me in the comments, and once again, I deeply apologize for the lower quality of the site. This is only temporary, and I promise, that this site will become better. Thank you, and sorry once again

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