Chatting is Back ~ The Biggest Social Rumbles Update Yet

It's finally back. After one, whole year of waiting, it's finally back. Rumble Chat is back, and this time, it's here to stay, with more features and with more capabilities. Not only that, but much more happened in this new update on Social Rumbles! New UI/UX, new settings, a new reputation system, and more! Excited! Me too! Read more about it below...

Update 1: Chatting (Chat in Groups, Directly, And GIFS!)

First things first, chatting is back, meaning, you can now directly chat with any user, or chat in different groups! One thing that is new about the chatting section is that now, you can add GIFs to the chat!

So that's fun! Additionally, you can now check the date and time of each message, which will be auto-converted to your timezone and time. Plus, now when you click on a message, it will directly take you to the short page, where you can then create a short based off of that message!

Update 2: Changes to Reputation (Changed Reputation System)

One problem we recognized here at Social Rumbles is the fact that engagement is pretty low. That's why we decided to incentivize engagement with posts on the platform by rewarding users engaging with content with reputation points! You can check out the new reputation changes here.

Update 3: Changes to Trending Formula (Posts are More Recent on Trending)

Another thing we did is change the trending formula. Before posts that were months old, even years, were finding there way onto trending, which we decided isn't acceptable. This is why we changed the trending formula. The new formula for trending is: \(\frac{0.1*v+100*l}{10*d}\). This should now make things more fair! 

Update 4: Changes to Settings Page (Add Emails, Change Passwords, Edit Login Methods)

Going to the settings page now allows you to edit your login methods onto Social Rumbles (native login, google, discord, github, etc.), making it more easy to manage how you access your account. Furthermore, you can now directly change your password from here, which should make things more easier for you! Also, you can now change your email and add secondary emails. Currently, secondary emails don't do anything, but soon they will have a purpose, just wait!

Update 5: Little Updates Throughout (Changed Little UI/UX Elements, AJAX Notifications, Image Uploader, etc.)

And finally, there were a ton of little updates, throughout. New UI/UX changes, notifcations now update without refresh using AJAX, images can now be natively uploaded onto Social Rumbles, and much, much more signficant updates!

The Future

Looking into the future, I see many more updates and features that will benefit the site and improve your experience. Additionally, now that summer break is here, these updates should come much more quicker to you, and you the user will start seeing the benefits! As always, if you have any suggestions please comment them below, and I will try to listen to them all and find ways to integrate them into the site. This site is nothing without you, so thank you, for sticking through, and let's hope to continue growing as the year continues and into the future. Thank you.

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