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The orange verified badge  on Social Rumbles lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic. To receive the orange badge, your account must be either authentic and active.


To encourage and maintain trust between users on the platform, you can confirm your identity with Social Rumbles in order to be verified.
You may choose one of three methods of verifying your identity:

  • Official website: Provide the link to an official website that references you (or your organization) and your Social Rumbles account.
  • Official email address: Provide an official email address with a domain relevant to the notability category you choose.
  • Popularity: Earn more then 250 reputation on Social Rumbles and then contact the owner and give links referencing your Social Rumbles account.


Users who want to have a checkmark must have made at least 250 reputation, and this user must have been on the site in at least the past week.

-- Dheirya Tyagi, CEO

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