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Happy new year to you and your family #Personal #Images


YouTube Removes Dislike Button. My #Opinion #Personal #Article

You've heard the news. You've clicked on this post. YouTube has officially removed the dislike button. The reason for the removal is quote:

This has been done to protect all creators and making sure they have a chance to succeed and feel safe in doing so.

In my opinion, this is not the real reason for why YouTube is removing the dislike button. Firstly, I assume by protect they're saying that they will protect from seeing the dislikes and feeling bad, but this makes no sense because the creator can still see the dislikes; only the user cannot. And also, …

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I want to apologize to @MinecraftIsCool for disliking all of your posts, just because I didn't understand them. I realize that was a really bad thing to do, and I have removed my dislikes for likes. I hope you forgive me. I have learned from my mistakes, and realize if I do not understand something, then to just ask. #Personal #Short

I'm Sorry @MinecraftIsCool

I'm sorry. Please forgive me.


Hello Social-Rumblers! This is going to be my first post on this site! I will be making an article later today so stay tuned by following me! Byeeee! #Personal #Short

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So we are going camping on June 28 here is a photo of us setting up our tent. Here is a photo of our tent. #Personal #Short

Coleman Tenaya Lake 8-Person Cabin Tent - BJs WholeSale Club

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