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RumbleChat is Back!

Finally, over one year later, the highly-anticipated RumbleChat is back! Yesterday, RumbleChat was rereleased onto Social Rumbles, accompanied with a bunch of other new updates. Designed with simplicity, speed, and security in mind, RumbleChat brings a new level of excitement and efficiency to your communication and connection on Social Rumbles. With RumbleChat, you can now dive into dynamic group chats or engage in private conversations with friends, colleagues, and loved ones, all on Social Rumbles! Additionally, you can also now customize everything with your own colors, fonts, and more! What's not to like? Go check it out today at!

Social Rumbles Is Back Online!

It's been a wild ride, but Social Rumbles is finally back online! Since Social Rumbles first started over a year ago, there has never been any server outage for more than 10 minutes. But there's always a first. On Wednesday at 4:05 p.m. EST, some fake chat messages were sent on our chat servers. From these chat messages, our alarms were alarmed and we then promptly shut down the whole site. (Read more about that here: We are now back on, after a long 50 hours. We have removed chatting as a result of this exploit, and have turned on all the other features of this site. Thanks for your cooperation, and once again, Social Rumbles is now back online. (If you're wondering about anything, then read our article here: or shoot us an email at [email protected])

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