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For Developers

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Developers of websites may include our various features on their own site. To add a feature on our site, you must comply with our terms and our privacy policy.

JS Highlight API

We have an sharing api. You can link text like:
Using the url above, you can create your own highlighting or sharing button for social rumbles. The main fields above is the text (encoded) and the url (also encoded).

You can also use our premade highlighting api. The Github Repo is here. There are two ways to include this api on your site. You can use a cdn like this:

<script async src="[email protected]/sharemenu.js"></script>

Adding this to your site, you will now get a highlight menu like this:

The Rumbles icon shares the text on social rumbles, the copy icon copies the text, the highlight button highlights it, the unhighlight button unhighlights it, the volume icon speaks the text, and the dictionary button defines the word.


On every post on our site there will be a button to embed it. When embeding a post from our site, you must not edit the content inside the iframe.

--Dheirya Tyagi (CEO)

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