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What's new with my social media site, Tonoa! #Whatever #Article

Here's what's new with Tonoa!


Markdown! 📜

One can now use markdown on posts to add headers, bold textitalic textstrikethrough text, and more!

Photos! 📸

Finally, you can put photos (PNGs, JPGs, GIFs, etc.) on your posts!

Unfortunately, there is only a limit of one photo per post. I'll try to increase the image limit in the future.

Nested replies! 💬

Say goodbye to basic comments, and say hello to nested replies!

Unlike comments, you can reply within replies within replies! There's no limit to how deep you can go.

Tonoa emojis 🎉

I've added emojis for …

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Hello! I'm Yazz #Me #Article

Hey there! I'm Yazz, a small developer working at TrippleMStudios and TrippleMSoftware. I have a passion for programming and specialize in various areas such as C++, Python, web development, C#, and operating system development.

As a web developer, I have had the opportunity to work on diverse projects, honing my skills in web-based programming languages and database topics.

In addition to web development, I have a strong command of C++, allowing me to create efficient and robust software applications. Python is another language I excel in, leveraging its simplicity and versatility for various projects.

Operating system development is another area …

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Try out my website #Whatever #Article

I'm finally going to release Tonoa to the public!

If you don't know what Tonoa is, check out my post: https://socialrumbles.com/p/my-social-media-website-532/



Sorry for the long link now; Replit now requires me to pay monthly for "deployments" just to get it on a custom domain/subdomain.


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S-TECH #Business #Article

Dear everyone,

The S-Tech company, also known as Sam Technologies has been purchased by NinjaTech. Ninja Tech continues to innovate by creating software, not hardware.

We will leave a new post soon and leave credits for every thing we use.

Our newest project is an OS, using C# with Cosmos (https://gocosmos.org)

S-Tech will be our hardware distribution provider.


Alex, Founder


New updates to Tonoa #Whatever #Article

In case if you didn't know what Tonoa is, it's a social media platform I made 2 years ago

I'll outline all of the most recent Tonoa updates in this post!

1. Improvements to the interface

I've made some minor interface improvements to the posts.

I've moved the like and dislike button to the left side, and all of the other buttons to the right side.

Additionally, I've included a report button, a share button, and a like bar.

For those who prefer light mode, I have included a light mode as well (though it looks pretty ugly ngl).

2. Profile …

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