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Ready for the NEW school year? #Lifestyle #Article

🏫 I hope you guys are, because I'm not. The summer just flew right by. I havent gotten to do the things I wanted to do this summer. If you guys have any suggestions on what I should do next summer let me know. You can DM me when the chat feature is fixed. Until then make the best of the school year. If you havent graduated from high school yet. 😜


horrible break with my boyfriend! #Lifestyle #Article

what do you guys think? what should i do? i am open for any responses. no matter how harsh it may seem.


SAMSBOTS EXPOSED #Lifestyle #Article

Hi, all of Social Rumbles,

I would like to start off with the word, exposed. Samsbots has been the only company to ever appear on this social community, and think that they may be scammers. For example, look at this post; https://socialrumbles.com/p/samos-20-243/. Samsbots CLAIM they have 'created' SamOS 2.0, but coincidentally, I found an exact youtube video of this, called Avadan OS. Why does Samsbots claim they made the…

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How to Sleep in School #Lifestyle #Article

1: Don't put your head down, put your hand on your head so it makes you look slouched

2: Be half asleep, when you sleep try to be aware of your class, if theyŕe doing something you need to participate in

3: Hide behind people, don't sit in the direct back that's to obvious sit in the row with all the tall people or sit in the second to back

4: Give me followers


Social Rumple #Lifestyle #Article

follow my page for a cookie (REAL)                             


follow my page for a cookie (REAL)                             


follow my page for a cookie (REAL)                             


follow my page for a cookie (REAL)                             


follow my page for a cookie (REAL)            …

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