YouTube Removes Dislike Button. My #Opinion

You've heard the news. You've clicked on this post. YouTube has officially removed the dislike button. The reason for the removal is quote:

This has been done to protect all creators and making sure they have a chance to succeed and feel safe in doing so.

In my opinion, this is not the real reason for why YouTube is removing the dislike button. Firstly, I assume by protect, they're saying that they will protect the creator from seeing the dislikes and feeling bad. This makes absolutely no sense because the creator can still see the dislikes; only the user cannot. And also, if a creator really felt bad, then they could just disable the like/dislike button. Don't hide the dislike button for other creators just because a few babies got their feelings hurt and don't know how YouTube works.

Likes are crucial to the expirence. Imagine clicking on some DIY video. You click on it and just see 5M views, and 10K likes, so you think, oh, this is a good video, let me try it out. You then go out and spend hundreds of dollars on material for the video, all to find out it was just clickbait. 

This situation would never have happened if there were still dislikes. The like/dislike ratio is a crucial part to the YouTube expirence. It helps people find out what is a good video, and what is a bad video. And I know that some argue that this isn't too big of a deal, and that other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram don't have dislikes. I hate this comparision. This comparision is comparing something you see for a few seconds and then scroll away to a 10 minute video. It's literally like 5 seconds on a post, you don't need to know if it is bad, you can just check it out yourself quickly. YouTube doesn't have that. YouTube videos are long, and you need to spend time on the video to determine whether or not to watch the video; wheter or not a video is good or bad, which is why the dislike button is crucial.

I think that the real reason YouTube is removing the dislike button is because they want money. YouTube wants people to click on a video and watch the whole thing. YouTube wants more clickbait (More Clickbait = More Clicks = More Preroll Ads). And by removing dislikes, they are forcing people to waste their time by watching terrible videos earning them more money and more engagement.

If YouTube actually cared about creators, this is what I think they should have done:

Instead of removing the dislikes, they would keep the dislikes, but add a new feature. This feature would happen when a user disliked the video, and why they did, the user that disliked it has to write why they disliked it, and there could be a new section on YouTube called the Improvements section. In this section, you could show the people who disliked the video and their reasoning. This helps people find bad videos, and it helps the creator improve and actually produce good quality videos that people like to watch.

Now if you're wondering if Social Rumbles will get the dislike button removed, the answer is NO. Your opinion is yours. If you can't handle a few dislikes, then don't post it. If it's bad, then don't post it. It's literally that simple.

-- Dheirya Tyagi

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