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Replit changed their logo!!! #Opinion #Article

On October 4th, 2022, Replit changed the logo on it's website and Discord server to the new one that they had slowly been integrating. It had previously been used on the app and loading page, but using it on the website and Discord server was a major change. The old logo was a wonderful circle made up of swirls. The new one is just three squares/dots stacked on top of each other. 

If you use Replit, I am asking you to sign this petition for them to change back their logo. https://chng.it/2pq9gB8B6h

You can also help by sharing these websites.  …

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American Businessman with Royal Daughter #Whatever #Article

ROBERT MILLER • Net Worth $2.4 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet

Robert Warren Miller is not your ordinary billionaire. This is because he has a daughter that is a princess. Robert has 3 daughters in total, who are collectively known as "the Miller Sisters".  

Who is this "Rober Miller" though? Originally born in Massachusetts, he is a British sailing champion. He is known for his businesses & companies Duty Free Shoppers, and Search Investment Group Ltd. 

Pin on The Miller Sisters: Pia Getty

The first sister on the list is Pia Getty. She's not a princess, but that doesn't mean that she isn't special. She is an American filmaker based in New York. Pia married Christopher Ronald …

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Creative Vibes #Whatever #Article

Imagine a place. A Discord server. That has people. But not a lot of people. A server only half set up. A server with no activity at all. That is Creative Vibes. https://dsc.gg/crv https://discord.gg/9aYEb7fj6Y


Starship #Programming #Article

I just found this cool tool called Starship and it is amazing. It allows you to customize your shell prompt and make it unique. With the help of Starship, my shell went from looking like this: 

To this:

If you're on a Mac and want a terminal like mine, my setup is with Starship, the One Dark theme, and the nerd font Fira Code. 

The best part about Starship, is that it's fully customizable. Every aspect can be personalised to you! You can choose to have your battery percentage, the node version installed, or even your IP! You can change …

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