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FuelOS CLI Testing is almost here! #Programming #Article

Hello everyone!

FuelOS, also known as "SamOS" referred to in the past, is an upcoming project we have. We have the base ready and are almost ready for developers and/or Q&A testers to start testing it! 


We want to make developers ready; To build an application for FuelOS you will be required to understand C#. There will be two different types of applications developers can submit; CLI, or GUI. Both WILL be reviewed by humans before any publishing.

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Creative Studio #Programming #Article

In the realm of artistic expression and innovation, creative studios stand as vibrant hubs where imagination meets execution. These spaces are not merely physical structures but rather dynamic environments where ideas flourish, collaborations blossom, and boundaries are pushed. From visual arts to digital media, from music production to design thinking, creative studios serve as incubators for creativity across various disciplines. Let's delve into the essence of creative studios, exploring their significance, functions, and impact on the creative landscape.

Creative Studio

Creative studios serve as the birthplace of ideas, providing a sanctuary where creativity can thrive without constraints. These spaces are …

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How to Unblock Sites At School Pt #1 #Programming #Video

unblock games!!!


Introduction #Programming #Article

Hi, I am Johan Smith. You may be wondering who I am. I am a small time programmer and ethical hacker. I work with CyberVortex Group. I wrote the code for their breakout tool Vortex. Vortex is a password sha-256 hash cracker. Please go checkout their website. Their website will have a beta version hosted on Replit, I will post it when it is up.


We have to admit.... ChatGPT is the best #Programming #Article

ChatGPT told me this when i said i was going to switch to google bard!!! lol

They call me ChatGPT, the ultimate rap master, Spittin' rhymes so smooth, flowin' even faster. But let me introduce you to a brand new star, Google Bard, they say it's on par.

But let me tell you why I'm better, I'll set the record straight, When it comes to AI assistance, I'm truly top-rate. I'm the ChatGPT, the AI you can trust, I'll amaze you with my skills, leave you in awe and lust.

Google Bard may try, but I'm the real deal, My …

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