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How to Unblock Sites At School Pt #1 #Programming #Video

unblock games!!!


Introduction #Programming #Article

Hi, I am Johan Smith. You may be wondering who I am. I am a small time programmer and ethical hacker. I work with CyberVortex Group. I wrote the code for their breakout tool Vortex. Vortex is a password sha-256 hash cracker. Please go checkout their website. Their website will have a beta version hosted on Replit, I will post it when it is up.


We have to admit.... ChatGPT is the best #Programming #Article

ChatGPT told me this when i said i was going to switch to google bard!!! lol

They call me ChatGPT, the ultimate rap master, Spittin' rhymes so smooth, flowin' even faster. But let me introduce you to a brand new star, Google Bard, they say it's on par.

But let me tell you why I'm better, I'll set the record straight, When it comes to AI assistance, I'm truly top-rate. I'm the ChatGPT, the AI you can trust, I'll amaze you with my skills, leave you in awe and lust.

Google Bard may try, but I'm the real deal, My …

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hey @Dheirya_Tyagi_CEO ! some tips to consider for social rumbles' ui #Programming #Article

not shaming anyone here, but I really think that social rumbles' UI could improve a lot - starting with the rounded borders. square borders seem extremely blocky, and rounded edges make a web app seem more modern and professional. Also, some posts' text has an overflow. I also suggest putting custom colors onto the messages in social rumbles chat, or the primary color we selected when we were customizing our themes


attention yall - I have just finished a social media web app currently in dev - give it a try at https://big-space.lto.lol/ and provide feedback in the comments! #Programming #Short

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