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Let's Talk About Statistics... #Problems #Article

You read the title. You know what we're doing here. We gonna be talking about statistics! WHOOOOO! Not the math statistics (boooo!). Specifically this sites statistics. Wait don't click away! Here me out!

Let's talk about some of these site's statistics. Let's start with the good. We've had over 3953 views in total so far. That's incredible, and it couldn't have been done without you the viewer. Let's move on to the bad. Out of these 3953 people, only 12 people have signed up for an account. That means only %0.00303566911 of people who check out this site sign up for an …

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How To Stop Climate Change - What YOU Can Do #Education #Article

“Climate Change is no longer some far-off problem. It is happening here, it is happening now.” -- Barack Obama

Imagine a planet where more than one million species are expected to go extinct. A planet where more resources are used than the planet can renew itself. To sustain this planet, there would need to be one more planet to give it resources. No, this isn’t some sort of dystopian book setting. This is real life, and this planet is the state of our earth. These are all true facts, and there are more problems than that. Based on an article …

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Halloween #Halloween #Article

Hi. What should I be for halloween? I don't really know yet. Also, I carved a cool pumpkin with bats on it.


Raksha Bandhan - Festival #Education #Article

Raksha Bandhan (रक्षाबंधन), also known as Rakshabandhan is a traditionally Hindu ritual on which sisters of all ages tie a sort of bracelet called a rakhi (राखी) around the wrists of their brothers to protect them, wish them good luck, and a long, prosperous life. In return, brothers give a token of love back to their sisters. These tokens of love can include gifts and money. Raksha Bandhan is observed on the last day of the Hindu lunar calendar, on the month of Shraavana during Purnima (or full moon day). The days and timings can vary yearly depending on the changes in the …

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Cheetos flaming hot lies #Cheetos #Article

I am sure you have heard of the story of the janitor who created flaming hot Cheetos. It goes like this there was a Janitor working and one of the machines didn't put cheese on it and he took it home and put a spicy dust on them. And he was so confident of his idea that he pitched it to his boss and he got promoted to CEO. Well guess what that story is fake.


Let's start off with the basics flaming hot Cheetos where created by a team of professionals. He actually did become the CEO though. His …

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Hope you like cheetos #Cheetos #Article

I lied about the Cheetos part I am talking about Lays Chips. Pretty similar except that Cheetos made a mac and cheese dish. Tricked you again! You first thought I was talking about Cheetos but than I said Lays Chips and now I am talking about Cheetos again! I was going to talk about Lays Chips but then I tricked you! I am quite the prankster. Did you get tricket? Comment below! Hoped you enjoy this prank.


Happy Diwali #Education #Article

Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated Hindu festivals in India and around the world. The rituals and customs associated with celebrating Diwali vary based on the regional traditions of India and the cultural customs that are popular in those areas. However, most families light diyas or candles in their homes and celebrate this special holiday by enjoying sweets and delicious food. Generally, Diwali is celebrated over five days with each day holding a special significance.

Day 1: Dhanteras

On this day, many dedicate their worship to Goddess Lakshmi. People will clean the house, make rangolis or kolam (colored …

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