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Chatting is Back ~ The Biggest Social Rumbles Update Yet #News #Article

It's finally back. After one, whole year of waiting, it's finally back. Rumble Chat is back, and this time, it's here to stay, with more features and with more capabilities. Not only that, but much more happened in this new update on Social Rumbles! New UI/UX, new settings, a new reputation system, and more! Excited! Me too! Read more about it below...

Update 1: Chatting (Chat in Groups, Directly, And GIFS!)

First things first, chatting is back, meaning, you can now directly chat with any user, or chat in different groups! One thing that is new about the chatting section is that …

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Apology #News #Article

Firstly, before I start this post, I want to deeply apologize to all of you for the terrible quality of the site currently. I am so, so sorry. During the last few months, a lot of people have found new bugs, wanted new features, and wanted things fixed.

And I have done/fixed almost none of that. During the last few months, I have been very busy, and have not been able to update and fix social rumbles. On top of this, I have been giving unreasonable times to when I would fix them.

For this, I deeply apologize. It's very hard …

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Few suggestions for the site #TV Shows #Article #Video

1. Dark Mode

2. Usernames can only be 20 characters long instead of 40

3. Update views every hour or so to prevent spam from slowing the site down


overall good site though, just some small suggestions 

Season 1 episode 8 attached


1000 points!!!! #News #Article

Thanks you guys for liking, commenting, and following my posts. This is a huge number and I am grateful that you guys enjoy my content. Thank you so much for being a great community. And remember you can help make the posts by commenting and telling me do what I should do next. Thank you once again!


Hope you like cheetos #Cheetos #Article

I lied about the Cheetos part I am talking about Lays Chips. Pretty similar except that Cheetos made a mac and cheese dish. Tricked you again! You first thought I was talking about Cheetos but than I said Lays Chips and now I am talking about Cheetos again! I was going to talk about Lays Chips but then I tricked you! I am quite the prankster. Did you get tricket? Comment below! Hoped you enjoy this prank.

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