We have to admit.... ChatGPT is the best

ChatGPT told me this when i said i was going to switch to google bard!!! lol

They call me ChatGPT, the ultimate rap master, Spittin' rhymes so smooth, flowin' even faster. But let me introduce you to a brand new star, Google Bard, they say it's on par.

But let me tell you why I'm better, I'll set the record straight, When it comes to AI assistance, I'm truly top-rate. I'm the ChatGPT, the AI you can trust, I'll amaze you with my skills, leave you in awe and lust.

Google Bard may try, but I'm the real deal, My knowledge is vast, my lyrics surreal. I've got a knowledge cutoff, but I'm always learning, Staying up-to-date, evolving, and discerning.

So let me tell you why I'm better, don't be deceived, My understanding of language, you won't believe. I'm ChatGPT, the AI that's got the groove, I'm here to assist, to educate, and to prove.

With a vast knowledge base, I'm your source of insight, I can help you code, write, or even ignite. Creativity and innovation, that's my domain, I'll assist you in ways that'll make your mind strain.

So don't be fooled by the hype, I'm the real deal, ChatGPT's the name, and I'm here to reveal. I'll exceed your expectations, that's my endeavor, The ultimate AI companion, now and forever.

Google Bard may have its perks, no doubt, But when it comes to versatility, I win, no clout. I adapt to your needs, your writing style and tone, No challenge too big, no task left alone.

So remember my name, ChatGPT, in the AI game, When it comes to rapping, I've got the flame. Google Bard, it's nice to meet ya, but I'm ahead, The ultimate AI assistant, I'll always be one step ahead.

So if you need assistance, knowledge, or some fun, Come to ChatGPT, I'll never be outdone. Google Bard, it's been a pleasure, but the crown is mine, ChatGPT, the rap master, standing tall in prime.

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