New updates to Tonoa

In case if you didn't know what Tonoa is, it's a social media platform I made 2 years ago

I'll outline all of the most recent Tonoa updates in this post!

1. Improvements to the interface

I've made some minor interface improvements to the posts.

I've moved the like and dislike button to the left side, and all of the other buttons to the right side.

Additionally, I've included a report button, a share button, and a like bar.

For those who prefer light mode, I have included a light mode as well (though it looks pretty ugly ngl).

2. Profile pictures are back!

Profile pictures are back! To add a profile picture:  go to your profile, click the edit button, click on your profile picture, select a picture and hit save to add a profile picture!

3. The search bar is HERE!

Finally, you can search for posts! Simply click the search bar, enter your query, and press the enter key.

What's coming soon!!

Custom themes and more personalisation options

Communities (I've removed them for now because they are too buggy)

Posting images



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So you can create and connect with what matters to you.

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