ok so i was grounded but not anymore and because i was grounded my dad decided to change my pc times so its gonna be hard for me to make videos and post them every wednesday so i have planned a new schedule and a few small announcements so im gonna have 3 channels on my yt now: Crysto which is my main, Crysto Plays which is gonna be my gaming channel, and Crysto Facts which will be my facts channel where i post facts. im also gonna post shorts on my main channel. heres the posting times: it will be like a pattern and will still be posted on every other other wednesdays, so itll be like Crysto first then Gaming, then Facts. and the shorts will be posted on my main channel either mondays or fridays idk. but yeah. i wanna try to get more subs so this will be a new schedule from now on. #Whatever #Short

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