Love Dolls Stories: Encounter

He has several tattoos on his arms. One is the beautiful Tibetan calligraphy. Unique strokes. It means "truth" and "freedom". But she wasn't buying it for a minute. She quickly learns his type and determines that he has a very dirty secret that she must discover. Their second eye contact was at a gallery show.

I thought my shemale *** dolls girlfriend was already half a year ago. Damian is a foreign millionaire from China, not far from where she lives. He is already 32 years old. Like her, he was an influential man. He was always busy throwing cocktail parties for her. But she understood why he had suddenly joined her party on this particular night. like this. But of course, she didn't care at all. He was a good man and she wanted to hug him.

His eyes were still on her. The only thing she knew about her love doll was her piercing eyes. Even from such a distance, their power is quite strong. They are of course the color of the deep sea. His eyes remained on hers as she came down the stairs to look into his face. She stopped herself from laughing. Tonight, he wore a blue men's vest, white shirt, dark gray pants and tie, paired with thick dark brown leather shoes.

His clothes made him stand out from the crowd. Needless to say, the dress seemed to match tonight's cocktail dress, and they seemed to be on the same page, sartorially and otherwise. This is an unforgettable light blue draped cocktail dress. The jacket was made only of lace and covered her ******* well. It was backless and reached halfway down her thigh.

Her love doll has shoulder-length hair, with shiny black hair cascading down to one side and curled into elegant curls. Her makeup was very smoky and very attractive, so the men stared at her for a long time, as if surprised by her appearance. "Good evening, Mr. Li." He greeted her formally. However, his eyes were not that formal.

They expose the custom sexdolls to the public so you can admire all her curves and her naked creamy skin. She smiled at him. "Mr. Selmas, I'm so glad you came to my party." She looked at him with the same admiration in Shirley's brown eyes. His nose was as prominent as ever, his eyebrows were well-defined, his chin was strong, and his lips were very kissable.

​Also, his beard is very similar to the beard in the vampire drama "The Founding Family". - He has a charming face. "Damian is fine. We are neighbors after all."


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