Love doll brief summary of material

Your budget: If you have a lower budget, you should choose a TPE *** doll. If your budget exceeds 20 yen, consider purchasing a silicone doll. Your Preference: If you also like to take hot baths with your love doll, you should choose a silicone doll.

TPE dolls must not be exposed to temperatures above 40°C. If you care about a more realistic face shape, you can choose a rubber doll. If you prefer more realistic skin, you can buy TPE dolls, whose skin is very soft and elastic.

If you want to try different *** positions with your doll, you should buy a TPE doll. If you are busy taking care of your dolls, you can choose silicone best *** dolls as they require less maintenance than TPE heart dolls.

Finally, we hope we have successfully solved all the puzzles and made it easier for people to differentiate between silicone *** dolls and TPE *** dolls. No matter which material you choose, your love doll will come from a reputable and trustworthy seller. Before accepting any doll brand, you must try to understand their credit and warranty policies.

Where silicone dolls are lacking

     High-cost silicone dolls are much more expensive than TPE. The larger the size, though, the higher the value, ranging from $2,600 to $5,500. It is brittle and easy to tear due to its high hardness.

      While it can support weight, its rigidity may cause it to break if placed in the wrong orientation. Avoid pulling on moving parts. We strive to provide appropriate care within 25 to 40 days to avoid tears in certain areas. Additionally, hard silicone does not have the elasticity of TPE, so it becomes harder when touched or squeezed.

     You rock a silicone love doll back and forth, and its butt and nipples don't jiggle the way you want. For men who prefer soft *******, this firm feeling is not good. Low flexibility means that silicone dolls are less flexible than TPE, so it is difficult to move some parts of the body as you wish, especially the arms and thighs, which are a bit stiff, I think a lot.

     Yours is assembled nicely, where are you going to put it? Some people may want to take their love doll outside, but others may feel a little uncomfortable leaving it somewhere inconspicuous. If you want something a little more discreet, you'll be happy to know there's a box of *** dolls. You can then place the doll in a closet or somewhere where others cannot easily find it.

    I'll take care of your stuffed animals

     You can also purchase a storage cabinet for your love doll. This box can hide your doll in plain sight and no one will know that your doll is hidden. If you have space under your bed, put your customize sexdoll in a box and hide it under the bed so you can slide it inside.


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