Let's Talk About Statistics...

You read the title. You know what we're doing here. We gonna be talking about statistics! WHOOOOO! Not the math statistics (boooo!). Specifically this sites statistics. Wait don't click away! Here me out!

Let's talk about some of these site's statistics. Let's start with the good. We've had over 3953 views in total so far. That's incredible, and it couldn't have been done without you the viewer. Let's move on to the bad. Out of these 3953 people, only 12 people have signed up for an account. That means only %0.00303566911 of people who check out this site sign up for an account. Let's get this on a chart:

👀 Wow

That is incredible.

Now, yes some of these views might be the same person clicking on a different post, or it might me a search bot. So lets say the number of unique viewers is about 1500. That is still %0.008 of people signing up for an account. Here's the updated chart:

Still, Wow.

This is a problem. In order for this site to thrive and succeed, we're going to get new users. Why? Well with more users, that means more content for you guys, and more people mean more interactions and more connections with other people. In turn, as more people come, more content will be made which will help more people come on the site. It's like a cycle, more users, more content, more clicks and repeat. This site is not dead, far from it actually. It's just the question; how do we turn clicks into users?

Now some of this may be my problem. Is the UI outdated or looks bad? Is it to slow? There are many different factors, some that I can fix and some that seem out of control. I've tried to improve the UI, and the speed, but so far, it seems to not have made a difference.

This is why I am starting to consider making pop-ups that say to sign up.

EWWWW you're a sellout! You promised to not make this site flashy or pop-uppy (is that a word?) -- You Right Now 

You're right, and I apoligize. I promised I wouldn't make this site like others, flashy and slow with ads and popups. Now, I'm not going to be adding ads anytime soon, but I'm looking into pop-us.

If you do not want me to add pop-ups, I understand, and I want YOUR opinion. If you want me to not add popups, then please suggest another method here.

What You Can Do

Now is it all on me? No, this site's success also depends on YOU. What can you do? Well you can share this site with others and suggest them to signup for an account. Another thing you can do is check what does best on the site. It seems that the best types of posts are Articles and Videos. Shorts tend to do the worst, and that is tend to be expected. Now, you can still make shorts, but maybe make a video or article here and then. Content that seem to do the best seem to be tutorials and reviews. Maybe try to make posts as this sort of type, to get more clicks. But, I'm not going to force you, this site is for YOU to creatively make, whatever you want! But if we want to help make this a real community, we are both going to have to do some work to get more users on this site. Thanks for reading, I've been your host Dheirya Tyagi, signing off for another day. 👋

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