Im sad

well not like that. Im fine. its just things have been out of controll this week. So basically it starts a few months back. The school announces that theres gonna be a feild trip for all 7th graders where they go to this place called Nature's Classroom for 5 days. It starts monday where things get out of hand. Not only does my boy @ajh is going, but all my friends are going. Not only that, but my crush is also going. Its like 9:30 which is durring my ELA class and as we see them entering the bus excited, everyone including me are all sad. Then my ela teacher goes like "HEY. SIT IN YOUR SEAT IM SORRY YOU CANNOT GO BUT THIS IS SCHOOL". They treat us like f***ing h*ll. But we're all sad. We have our heads down and at the same exact time, it was raining which made the moment really dark. But later after school it was still raining and when I got home I legit started crying. Fast forward to today: we're not all really sad but we're kind of let down. And for some reason, all the teachers that didnt go to the trip arent even at school. But they come back this friday and I cannot wait. 

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