Found something weird

Found a kindergarden story I made so here it is.

Once upon a time there was a grand… “Hold it, this is my side of the story!!! Terribly sorry for what happened back there. My name is Steve the gingerbread man. You can just call me Steve. You know the thing that troubles me the most? It’s that people think they know the true story of the gingerbread man. But they really do not, and I am here to tell you the true story of the gingerbread man.”

So what happened first was there was a grouchy old grandma cooking me in an oven. I heard her say that she wanted to eat me up. I heard that because the oven was super big so everything was echoing, she was also drooling. So as soon as she opened the oven I escaped and ran away! She chased me into a barn so I hid in a spot she could not find me in. 

But I saw something else in the barn...I saw some barn animals!!! I thought that we could be friends because I thought that they did not want to eat me. But they wanted to eat me so I ran away from the animals. But they were chasing me and they were too fast. So I decided to hide in the grass, but then I saw a tiny ant. I thought it would eat me but then I realized it’s too small to eat me, but it had something behind it. It was something big. I got scared it was… A giant ant colony!!! “Attack!!” screamed the ants. It was so loud that everybody who wanted to eat me heard and they screamed “Attack!!!!” too. 

I ran as fast as I could but there was a river so I stopped at a screeching halt, and I saw a fox who wanted to help me. But I did not believe him so I looked to the left and ran into the forest, but they did not find me.

 I made a home in the forest but people made the fake story of the gingerbread man while I was making my house. Then from that day, I promised to myself to never talk about that moment in my life until now. Thank you for listening. It is the end. Or is it???

thanks for reading my prety weird story bye bye.

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