Fortnite Officially* back on Mobile using NVIDIA Geforce Now Cloud Gaming Experience


The wait is over - gamers can now experience Fortnite on supported iOS Safari and Android devices with new touch controls on GeForce NOW. Jump in and start playing right away with just the screen and your fingers, no gamepad or keyboard/mouse are needed.  

Build, battle, and dance your way to a Victory Royale with the power of high-performance GeForce GPUs,
streaming right to your mobile devices from the cloud.  


Existing members can click the links below and follow the steps to launch GeForce NOW on your iOS or Android device.

Click link to play

Not a member? Sign up here.


Not a member? No problem. All are welcome to experience Fortnite streaming on mobile with a free GeForce NOW membership. Or, check out one of our premium GeForce NOW memberships for an enhanced experience. Our premium memberships include faster access to gaming servers, longer play times, and RTX 3080-class PC gaming performance, streaming from the cloud. 

Ready to chase your next Victory Royale? Drop in

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