Cheetos a history involving cows

Cheetos are a delicious snack. That makes about $4 billion dollars a year. About 24 million Americans enjoy to eat them. And Cheetos are so addictive that a rapper called lil xan was hospitalized after "eating too many flaming hot Cheetos". But did you ever think that the delicious snack that about 24 million Americans enjoy to eat was once cow food well its true.

There was a animal feed manufacturer called the flakall corporation they where creating corn based feed for livestock they poured the kernels and grain into a machine that would break it up and make it easier for the animals to eat. Sometimes to prevent clogging they would pour wet kernels into the machine and it came out in puffy ribbons after seeing the ribbons Edward Wilson snuck some home and put some cheese on it and to his surprise it tasted good so he started selling them as korn kurls. And eventually they became the snack that we know and love today.

I think that is this proves anything it proves that anything is possible if a cow food company can create a multi billion dollar human snack food company then anything can happen.

Thanks for reading my article I decided to make this short article because I feel like people dont read articles because they are to long but they are full of interesting information I am going to make more of these so please let me know if you like it or have any suggestions for what i should write about next. Thank you

- Cat

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