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Hope you like cheetos #Cheetos #Article

I lied about the Cheetos part I am talking about Lays Chips. Pretty similar except that Cheetos made a mac and cheese dish. Tricked you again! You first thought I was talking about Cheetos but than I said Lays Chips and now I am talking about Cheetos again! I was going to talk about Lays Chips but then I tricked you! I am quite the prankster. Did you get tricket? Comment below! Hoped you enjoy this prank.


a robot told me to make shorts, so here is a short. #Cheetos #Short


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Cheetos flaming hot lies #Cheetos #Article

I am sure you have heard of the story of the janitor who created flaming hot Cheetos. It goes like this there was a Janitor working and one of the machines didn't put cheese on it and he took it home and put a spicy dust on them. And he was so confident of his idea that he pitched it to his boss and he got promoted to CEO. Well guess what that story is fake.

Let's start off with the basics flaming hot Cheetos where created by a team of professionals. He actually did become the CEO though. His story …

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Cheetos a history involving cows #Cheetos #Article

Cheetos are a delicious snack. That makes about $4 billion dollars a year. About 24 million Americans enjoy to eat them. And Cheetos are so addictive that a rapper called lil xan was hospitalized after "eating too many flaming hot Cheetos". But did you ever think that the delicious snack that about 24 million Americans enjoy to eat was once cow food well its true.

There was a animal feed manufacturer called the flakall corporation they where creating corn based feed for livestock they poured the kernels and grain into a machine that would break it up and make it easier …

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