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Feature 01

Amazingly Secure

Our site does not use any third-party tracking services, such as Google Adsense, Double Click, Tagman, etc. Our site is committed to providing a safe and pleasant experience to our users, which is why we have no ads or third-party extensions.

Feature 02

Ridiculously Fast

Many sites bloat there own site with ads, making the user experience painfully slow to say the least. We recognized this problem, and in the end, decided not to have any advertising. This makes our site ridiculously fast, and secure for our users.

Feature 03

Safe For Kids

This site was made with kids safety in mind, and because of this mindset we have, we decided to add an advanced text censorship algorithm, a 24/7 human monitoring system, age validation for some users, and more! We respect our users, no matter what age they might be.

Feature 04

Wholesome Content

Remember the days of Vine and Myspace, when users could upload content without getting horrible backlash. Or when people could safely just share content without getting instantly ashamed and criticized. This is what our service is, a safe place to share.

Feature 05

No Unsecure Ads

Most sites and social media networks use backdoors and third party cookies to access info about you from other sites. This is not good at all for the user, especially there privacy. This site has none of that insecurity, we believe here your info is yours to keep.

Feature 06

Always Free

This site was never designed to earn money. No, this site was designed to get social media, well social again! We just want people to be safe, and we want to inspire others to stand up to big companies who are doing the wrong thing. This is why, it is all free for our users.

Free For All

Our site is free for all, no matter what you do. Since this network was designed with kids in mind, we will NEVER allow transactions while users are on this network.

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  • Unlimited Upload Storage
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  • Unlimited Posts
  • Safe and Secure Viewing
  • No Ads

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